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Viceroy Ceramics was founded in 2002 by Dlubak Glass Company owner, David A. Dlubak. The company's mission is to develop advanced building products using post-consumer recycled glass sourced from Dlubak Glass Company.

Dlubak Glass Company is a family owned and operated company that has been serving the Glass Industry since 1932. It is the largest US processor and recycler of Television and PC monitor glass, Automotive Plate and Windshield glass, Lighting Industry glass and Window Plate and Container glass. It has 7 plants located throughout the United States with facilities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona, and is one of the largest glass recycling companies in the world.

DLubak Glass Ohio Plant

Viceroy Ceramics began as domestic glass melters and manufacturers started to move out of the US. Many "end of life" glass compositions that were previously re-melted and recycled domestically needed to find new avenues to be recycled into. Families of glasses including television, PC monitor, plate and container glass can now made into bubble glass.

Bubble glass is composed of over 90% post-consumer recycled glass. This material has been successfully used as a lightweight aggregate replacement in precast concrete products, concrete blocks, plastic fillers and as an artificial turf fill media. Many new applications are currently under development and new ideas are always welcomed. If you are looking at how to make your product "GREEN" or LEEDS certifiable, give us a call. We are here to help.

The video below shows acetylene flame testing of a concrete block made with Viceroy Ceramics bubbleglass compared to a concrete block made with conventional aggregate.

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